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Brighter Days Ahead

Sorry to have been away so long
the days moving us
through some strange warp
it seems

first the norovirus arrived
at many doors in our facility
but not ours thankfully
all congregation cancelled
we played hermits
staying to ourselves
for over a month
we are together
and surprised at our ability
to habituate into new routines
without separating
from one another

it seems
that was not enough and
the doctor’s routine annual
brought news of a new need
pacemakers, and defibulators
stitched beneath the skin
to maintain his ever ticking on

here we are coming round again
ready – almost – to return
to the familiar attitudes
and congregating once again


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Words Strike



Calm divides, like commas

going before, coming after

separating this from that

inciting pause and breath


no warning came before

words spilled out

that night, too big


to return to before


that period, definite

divider, declaration

all now finished

final marker

the end.

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