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Louisiana Crude

Explosive disease
Infects miles and miles of coast
Silence mounting depths

Within wide challenge
Sadness fights to not withdraw
The dream of sparkle

Beyond recurrence
Wave swell washes in and in
As hands shoulder load


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tiny pod opens

in the glow of time enough

dispersal finished

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Frilly Bloom

lavendar iris

ruffled iris floats


above green stems pushing ever

for a color show

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Song of Day

sweetness in the day

 a sip to satisfy
a heart abuzz  in scent

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bee sits and sips sweet 

          nectar’s dew-drenched scent, abuzz

 in dawn-soft petals

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Roll Over


eyes scan the flow, sea

oats rustle air while fiddler

 crabs investigate


 crafty side-wise steps

prickles fishy memory 

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