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Prompt: This was the Week That Was


Week of routines followed
Simple pleasures taken in

Walks around the pond
Slowing through the meadow

To listen for the cardinals
Spy the well-perched hawk

Week of breakfast, lunch, and
Dinner, time enough

For us, rising before each dawn
Turning down plush comforter
As darkness hushes birds

Seven days our simple measure
Marking still our dual breath


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Until We Meet Again Cheetos

(with Poetic Asides)

You remain always

close enough to touch

as I pass

crinkle call of chip and salt.

You remain

close enough to see

as my buggy wobbles on its way

turns a corner

leaving you again untouched

me with no tale-tell yellow

fingerprints – and yet –

with the possibility

of  future crash.

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