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of night

stroke attack

bound by silence


paralyzed movements


gauzy mentality


unfamiliar surroundings


dreamtime lost to red siren squall


white coats, soft voices missed notes until


dawns golden stream lay warm on that window sill


 beyond cold shivers stalled beneath those quilts


his frozen stillness, resting, waits for


a hand to extend, draw a line


thick enough for life to walk


stumble, stutter, stumble


against gravity


until his own

 smile dispels

dark of




Jane Penland Hoover

November 30, 2011


Prompt: Against all Odds

PAD #30


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I’ve let the idea of solitude linger

Luscious on my tongue

Silent in the seriousness

Of teaching and responding

To all of their fine work.


I’ve felt solitude hide

Gentle in my eyes

Reminding me to claim time

Enough for me, alone

 before day draws deep sleep.


I’ve waited for this moment

My whole life resting

Beneath the skin of sky

Waiting for this open-flow

Of soft pressed keys, my song.


Jane Penland Hoover

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Before Story


Once upon a time

in a state far from here

south of north and west of rest

where helicopters flew

testing metal, all those screws


Once the noise overhead fed

the pair and others well before

they finalized those days of dread

that led eventually due north of south

into the core of change and more.


Once, for him, golden fields of leaf

spread aromatic waves through

air and hair before dark work

in unstrung time to hang

and smoke house and land 


Once, for her, the treaded traffic

rushed and ruffled mornings in

her wake so late again to grab

a space beneath, between the

barricade of viaducts and rails.


Once upon a time

long after all that came before

dispersed into the world

of yesteryear and way back there

the pair discovered the hereafter


Once now, days forever drenched

in wafts of bacon sizzling on the grill

the thrill of morning opened by

the call of sparrow song, the slow

reach to touch a well-worn hand.


Jane Penland Hoover

November 28, 2011


Prompt #29  _________Story


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A Sure Presence

A Sure Presence


Her eyes shone bright long

before my sisters and I

were a noted thought


She walked beside first

wobbly steps, and ran beside

bicycles and skates


Her steady fingers

guided needle stitches and

scissor cuts till straight


She sang Sunday hymns

her breath full of gratitude

her smiles our sunshine


I could go on and

on as she has through these years

always near enough


To listen, offer

us her trust, assurance in

our ability


and why not? We the

students of her skills, now

our very own

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Crinkle Crunch that Bunch


Falling leaves, a lazy drift

through blue air back there


Our lawn beneath giant trees

once edged a pasture land


Our lawn the scrumptious noise

of piles rising, spreading wake


As rake and rake scrape

to gather laughter


After all the preparations

for their play, an afternoon


repeated and repeated

returns that time to me


Jane Penland Hoover

November 26, 2011


Prompt: 26 Good Old Days


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I find delight each

day, walks around the lake, through

the hundred acre


meadow, my camera

consuming image after

image as I go.


June saw a gathering

here of folk to view my first

slideshow selections.


With Thanksgiving time

now, we breathe in gratitude

for the length of years ~


growth of family and

friendships that continue to

inspire, fill our lives


with joy and memory.

With this small disk, our wish

comes to delight you.


Jane Penland Hoover

November 25, 2011


(Focused Moments Slide Show


I have enjoyed digital photography for two years. Ron smiles at each photo appearing on the computer screen. I even learned to burn DVDs, while continuing to write poetry)

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Gathering Close

Gathering Close


we awaken each

morning, more and more,

filled with gratitude


for our place in this

space, family of grace


so many of you

someway in our day

both far and near now


thanksgiving day comes~

~our thoughts fly to you


shared words, memories

some games once in play

still, a location


life bright with sunlight

sparkle on dew and you


knowing family and friends

are family and friends

wherever we eat


Jane Penland Hoover

November 24, 2011


Prompt # 24  Thanksgiving Poem


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