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What I Enjoyed in January


Time alone

to let the world drift ~

Let my line linger

feed the fish.


Air so quiet

roadways far away

where others search for

yet unfound ~


Soft silence

in a winter day

I content, inhale



I feed fish ~

offering my breath

as this world hums in




Jane Penland Hoover

January 13, 2013

Poetic Bloomings: Picture by Keith R GoodImage

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I’ve let the idea of solitude linger

Luscious on my tongue

Silent in the seriousness

Of teaching and responding

To all their work today.

I’ve watched solitude hide

Gentle in my eyes

Reminding me to claim time

Enough for me, alone

 before day draws deep sleep.

I’ve waited for this moment

My whole life resting

Beneath the skin of sky

Waiting for this open-flow

Of soft pressed keys, my sound.

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