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solitary one

on the pond today~

eyes watching


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From chocolate,

cinnamon and vanilla ~

grass tempts winter tastes.





Voices of complaint ~
agitate stillness
to a froth.




Jane Penland Hoover

Haiku Friday

January 7, 2012

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January ’12 mindful writing challenge: The River of Stones..

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Closing the Cafe

Closing the Cafe


Like the spirited workers

they are

moving back and forth, in and out,

around the tables.


~it is late, almost

time to go~


A long day for young ones

attending school and their tasks


setting tables, serving, cleaning, and preparing.


I write, listen to the mummers

of the future,

dreams worked for coming true.


Like the good workers

they are

each one moving on,


while I linger slow,

writing on and on

thinking about them~


January 5, 2012

MightyBell– Day 4 Notice a Person

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Small Stone 1.5.2012 ~ Holding


Today I slipped beneath the pulse

of blue ~ warm waters waiting

where I left them yesterday.


And so I swam and flipped into

interior memories of

each one who once accompanied

me, as we built two towers strong

enough to hold their golden

years ~ their lives lived longer still.


Today I am an older one

swimming in a pool others built

for my time of gold and  blue.


Jane Penland Hoover

January 5, 2012



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Small Stone 1.4.2012 Walking

on my morning walk

robin gathers fill~

I pause in wonder

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